Moving House With Pets

When you’re moving into a new house, you want to make sure your furry companions are taken care of. here’s our quick guide to making sure they’re happy and healthy when you decide to relocate.

Settling In

Just keep your animals contained in one room of the house, or the backyard. Move all of your furniture into the new house. This way, when you bring your pet into your new place, that won’t think it’s foreign and instead will be used to the smells and familiarity of all of your furniture. Hopefully it won’t freak out and run away.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Make sure the new place is free of pests such as ticks, fleas or bedbugs by calling in a pest inspector or other professional. If there’s pests that can latch onto your pets fur in your house, you pet is going to become agitated and upset, and also unhealthy. So before you move in, make sure the place is pest free.

Getting Used to the Neighbourhood

There’s going to be all sorts of new things in the environment. New neighbourhood animals, new trees, new places to play. Make sure to start walking your dogs straight away, so they can acclimatise to the environment, and also so they know their way back in case they ever get lost. This will help them become at ease with their new surroundings.

Letting Them Go Free

After all of the removalists, pest inspectors and and anyone else has left, and all of the boxes unpacked, you can let the animal move freely throughout the house. Just let them explore at their own pace, smelling things and remembering which room is which.

Be sure to show them where the kitty litter tray is, or where they can go outside to go to the toilet. Bring out their toys, and let them play in the area where you plan to spend most of the time, such as the lounge room.

Hopefully, by taking these careful steps, you pet won’t freak out, and will feel at home within a few days.