Le Kuku Hair and Nail Salon at Dusit Thani Hotel

Eversince childhood, I've been dread with a super thick hair.  Thus in preparation for the summer, I had to cut it short. 

It was my first time to try Le Kuku Hair and Nail Salon at Dusit Thani Hotel.  The salon was adequately equipped but I can't help but notice the lack of human presence as soon as I went in.

The cashier was however quick to come out.  Before I reached her desk, she was already at her station.  I told her I'd avail of their Haircut.  She then, lets me to the back room to shampoo my hair.  While I was drying my hair with the towel, the hairdresser came out.  As usual, he/she was surprised by the extreme thickness of my hair and how my strands dominated their black tiles.

What do you think?

                                   BEFORE                                                AFTER

Overall I'd say the service is just fair.  The price on the other hand is of hotel salon range of 1,350 php.

Le Kuku Hair and Nail Salon
2F Dusit Thani Hotel Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 238-8888 loc. 8991
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