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Congratulations for exploring this great opportunity to be a guest writer at Crumpylicious Blog!

What Kind of Posts Do We Expect?
  • Unique articles relating to:
    • Tech Updates and Reviews
    • Health and Nutrition with Proper References and Backed Studies
    • How To's, DIY and Tips
  • The posts should be useful or interesting to our readers so as to drive traffic
What are the benefits of guest posting at Crumpylicious Blog?
By allowing guest posts at Crumpylicious Blog, there will be benefits to both our the guest writer and our readers.
  • Guest Writer Benefits
    • New Audience - Our readers will get to read your articles and this can increase your subscribers.  
    • Social Media Promotion - We will promote your article to all our social media networks.
    • Back Link - We allow 1 back link contained on your Guest Writer Information Box (FREE for qualified articles and negotiable for other articles)
  • Reader Benefits
    • New Points of View
    • New Knowledge and Information
Guidelines for Submission:
  • Articles must be fresh, unique and never published anywhere including your own blog site.  (Will be verified via Copyscape)
  • Articles should have a minimum length of 500 words.
  • Check your work for grammatical and other errors.  If necessary, we will do the proper corrections.
  • Respond to the comments on your own post.  Failure to do so will reduce your link to only one.
  • Articles should have at least one image.  Please give credit to the proper owner if any.
  • Provide your author information to be written on your Guest Writer Information Box found at the bottom of your article.
  • Articles must be email to us at either in HTML format or MS word format
When will my guest post be published at Crumpylicious Blog?
Your article will be published within one or two days after our confirmation that it has complied with our guidelines.

If you have further inquiries,  please send us a message at