Craft Central: Now Open in SM Mega Fashion Hall

I'm not really a crafty or artsy person per se.  Then, The Craft Central extended an invite for its grand opening in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

craft central
So off I went, bringing along my little sister who is into crafts.

craft central megamall
The store wasn't as spacious as we expected but it you can sense a lot of art and passion placed into it so you don't feel cramped at all.

dream catcher
We also discovered that its not just a place for crafty people as you can also take it as a gift shop.  Aren't these colorful dreamcatchers cool?

craft central
There are a lot more interesting items like Sequins Pencil Case for the mermaid fans or simply poshy peeps.

brush pens
According to my little sister who spends thousands over brush pens sets, these collections are unbelievably cheap.

Of course, we can't think of crafts without stickers and stamps.

There's also Pointy Little Things Pins, beads and more.  There's definitely more to find here than its online store.

metal straw
If you still don't have metal straws, pick one!

calligraphy ink
Calling all Calligraphers!  Check this out!

brush pens
More pens...

and notebooks to match.

letter board
This one is nice to have hanging around your room.

This reminds me of Pinocchio haha.

brush script workbook
There are also affordable workbooks.

Craft Buffet
brush script workbook
As part of the event, we got to experience the Craft Buffet.

craft buffet
There's watercoloring...

scribble and color
We watched as we waited for our turn.

scribble and color
This is sister's work.

notebook stamping
While she was busy there, I tried the notebook stamping.

hammy creates stamps
There were a lot of cool clear stamps by Hammy Creates.

hammy and gubby
At first, it seems tricky to neatly apply the stamp.

notebook stamping
This is my final output.  What do you think?

sand art making
I exerted all creativity into my notebook so I didn't try anything else.   Others tried the Sand Art Making which also looked fun!

Overall, I didn't expect to have so much fun!  Congratulations The Craft Central on your grand opening!