VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality: How We Beat the VR Game

Whether its physical or virtual, my cousins have been our constant playmates for more than 2 decades!  After our dinner at S' Maison, they invited us to try the VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality which they've tried several times but couldn't finish.

vr plus next generation virtual reality
It was located at the end side of Level 2 S'Maison near the restroom. 

vr + next generation virtual reality
We began last February we were lucky to avail of their 30% opening promo so it allowed us to try many times.

virtual reality game s maison
The games had a player number limit.  Since we were 10 and the game we chose had a limit of 5, we had to divide into groups of 5. 

virtual reality game s maison
The guns are a bit heavy but my 12-year old nephew can carry it.

vr game s maison
The rifle is the best weapon for us.

vr game s maison
The games are segregated into different rooms.  We did the Prison Jail so we were ushered to the empty room with black walls. 

vr plus game s maison
Game Experience

1. Graphics
    The game graphics was the most disappointing aspect for me.  I was expecting HD 3D graphics but the game we played was pixelated. 

2. Game Play
     We loved the shooting game we played.  They even had a scoreboard similar to lazer tag games we used to play when we were younger.

3. Equipment
    The weapons were generally good.  But, there was one time when my riffle lost power and didn't have sounds while shooting.  It totally ruined the gaming experience.  It was difficult to know whether I am shooting or out of ammunition or dead.

4. Price
    The discounted price was reasonable but full price is a bit pricey so after we finished the game, we hardly played again.

How We Beat the VR Game
They say that practice makes perfect.  After losing in every game, there was a coffee session for a strategy meeting.  We had to analyze and discuss about the game and ourselves.  Here's my tips:

1. Assign the highest scoring player to the spot where there are many enemies that will pop out. 
2. Adopt a cue system.  We adopted the following shouts which we think are important:
    a. Help
    b. Dead
    c. Alive
    d. Boss
3. Don't fully wear the headset so you can hear your team mate's cues or warning.
4. No need to save bullets, just keep on firing and reload when you're idle.
5. You can shoot in all directions without shooting your team mate.
6. Don't try to finish it when you're tired.  A strategy break or rest is a good way to save your effort and money.

Overall, it was a good experience for us.  We had tons of fun!  Hope they can add more interesting games with better graphics soon.