3 Christmas Gift Suggestions for Women

When deciding gifts, you always have to consider your budget and the personality and gifts of the receiver.  As I've observed people are becoming more and more practical, thus, gift giving requires more thoughtfulness in the process.  If you simply don't have a clue on what to give.  Here's my 10 Christmas gift suggestions for women  that you may adopt or perhaps, help you to get your a head start in thinking.

1. Luxury Bags (Budget:8,000-15,000 php / 180-250 USD)

           If you're budget is high, luxury bags is a great option.  It's easy to know the brand they want by
observing their other bags.  Try to pick a different style and color from the ones you've seen them with.  Better, if matches their favorite color.  If you're budget is low, a branded wallet will do.

2.  Make-Up Kit (Budget: 1,000-3,000 php /20-65 USD)

         Every woman values quality make-up and beauty products.  Include in your make up kit the essentials such as: lipstick, bb cream, powder, facial wash and make-up remover.  Choose the hypoallergenic ones like that of Unilab.
Celeteque by Unilab

3. Sexy Shoe (Budget: 1,000-3,000 php /20-65 USD)
        As the saying goes " Good shoes take you good places".  So by giving her a sexy shoe shows how much you believe in her.