Nips Chocolate Bar: Jack n Jill's New Crunchy Rainbow-Filled Chocolate Bars

Nips has been the rainbow of our lives for generations.  It has been coloring our days with its delightful sweet and crunchy candy shell and its smooth and sweet chocolate milk feeling. 

nips chocolate bars

 And, now the classic Nips has a better offering with the new Jack n Jill Nips Chocolate Bar.

nips chocolate bars
Nips Dark Chocolate Bar in 42g
The Nips Chocolate Bar comes in three variants (Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate) and in two sizes (14g and 42g)Now, we can enjoy a richer and creamier chocolate bar filled with the crunchy coated Nips that we've loved.  

The  Nips Chocolate Bar are available in leading supermarkets, groceries and conveniece stores nationwide.