How To Properly Transport A Wedding Dress

No matter where you want to go for your overseas wedding, transporting the wedding dress is something that you want to know how to do. Destination weddings are constantly growing in popularity and if you do travel over a really long distance, you will want to be sure that your dress will get there safely. You can see that has this article on cheap wedding gown ideas but even with the cheap ones, you want to have it at home and at the wedding destination.

Carrying Or Packing?

This is the first question you will want to ask yourself. Talk with the carrier to see if your travel insurance policy covers the gown and then see if you can put the dress in your luggage with ease, without ruining it. Most of the airlines will tell you if there are special allowances that are available for wedding dresses. In most cases there are no special allowances that are available but you may find something interesting that you can take advantage of.

In the event that you will pack the wedding dress in a bag, make sure you take a travel steamer with you. As you get to the hotel room, hang the dress in the bathroom as soon as possible and turn the shower on with water that is very hut. Steam naturally eases wrinkles.

Buy A Ticket For Your Dress

If you are afraid that your wedding dress will not be in a great condition in the luggage or when you carry it on the plane with a bag, you can actually buy a new plane ticket for the wedding dress alone. This is definitely something that will be really weird for a lot of people but it is one action that you will need to consider and that can help you out a lot in making sure that the dress will be in a perfect condition.

All of the airlines will agree to offer more tickets so it should not be a problem to buy a ticket only for your wedding dress. However, you still need to pack it properly as you do not want it to get dirty during the transportation. Make sure that you pack your dress and you then take care of it before the trip, during the trip and after the trip. You will surely appreciate it when your dress is perfect on your wedding day.