Teletech: The Best Things in Life are Close

A big chunk of our lives is spent on working and earning for a living.  Thus, work selection becomes a big ordeal for everyone.

teletech pioneer

I attended company tour at the awesome TeleTech Recruitment Hub in Pioneer last week and I just want to share why it could be an option for you.

1.  Close to your Social Circle

They say "No Man is an Island".  And, that is very true.  We are social creatures who value relationships.  Relationships need nurturing and to do that you need to spent more time with the people involved.  If you're a parent, you don't want to miss essential moments in your child's life.  If you're in a romantic relationship, you'd want to spend as much time with each other and maybe throw some surprises from time to time.  With your clique, you'd want to be in every gathering so you won't miss the funny moments that would eventually turn our to be life-time joke among you.

TeleTech has 15 sites across the Philippines, choose the one near your social circle and establish a good work-life balance for yourself.   Plus, you get to save on traveling expenses and spare yourself from the stress and tension of long travels to and from work.

2. Close to finding new friends

TeleTech has an environment conducive to forming bonds.  TeleTech promotes camaradere among its 25,000 ++ employees through fun events and activities such as TeleTech Awards Night, TeleTech Summer Outing, TeleTech Birthday and Anniversary Event, TeleTech Run n Sync Fun Run and more.

teletech pioneer
It has an awesome facilities like their cafetria with lots of vending choices where you can surely met new friends and chill with them too.

3. Closer to Self-Improvement

TeleTech has its own online learning and development tool called TeleTech University where you can have training and learning courses which includes the prestigious and expensive Six Sigma Program.   The skills and courses you learn will pave way to your advancement.   They also offer an employe performance incentive that is evaluated very month and quarter.

So with roughly 18,000 job openings per year, who knows maybe the next hire is you.  They accept walk-in applicants and you can get hired on the same day.

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