TriNoma Mall: TriNoma Merry Musical Lights Show and College Reminisce

Last Saturday November 23, 2013, I had one of the most memorable moments of my life.  I reunited with my two seatmates, Eric and Chez, from my college ACTONEA class after many years.  Eric is my closest guy buddy since college days.  I wouldn't have survived college without him.  As for Chez, uhm... regretfully, we didn't get along till a few years back and I think we've gotten well enough since.  As the two were kind of close, we decided to spontaneously meet up for the first time as a three-some.  We ate dinner at Yoshinoya and spent hours updating each other about what happened to us during college and beyond.  It is such an amazing sensation to laugh about our hardships and share our realizations.  

I can't believe Eric still remembered how much of a klutz I was back then. =( I borrowed his work sheet to "double check".  Then on the day of our submission, I brought mine but forgot his!  So, I had to head home to get it. @_@  Good thing, that guy does not know anger and instead laughed about it. >.<

After which I invited them to accompany to watch the TriNoma Merry Musical Lights Show.  Despite the long walk, these two gentlemen gladly abide after bribing them with alcohol lol. XD  But, kidding aside... even though these guys look too cool, they are really nice and warm-hearted.  I'm lucky to be fated to meet them as they are a few of the greatest guys I've ever met.  With their wisdom and kindness, I consider them my trusted friends and more importantly, my mentors in different aspects of life.  

trinoma merry musical lights show

According to TriNoma's fan page, the show's schedule is at 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm from today until Jan 5, 2013.  We arrived there a bit later than 9 pm but we made it.  

trinoma merry musical lights show
There were Christmas Lights draped all over the TriNoma Gardens with glowing orbs.  Music with gleeful high tones were played as the lights changed colors and in rhythmic pattern.

trinoma merry musical lights show
Due to the limited area space, it was not as awesome as the one in Ayala Triangle Gardens.  But, if you're in the area then take the chance to watch.  It's a good thing there's not much of a crowd during our visit as it was not as ventilated as I expected. 

trinoma merry musical lights show
It only lasted around 10 minutes.  But the lights were left on for another 10 for picture taking purposes.

Watch my TriNoma Merry Musical Lights Show video preview above

As expected, the guys did not appreciate the show.  And, it turned out that the ramen restaurant we were supposed to visit was still closed so they were a bit bitter and teased about it.  To uplift our spirits and to make up for such bullying haha, Chez offered to treat us and as expected, Eric chimed in.  We then hopped our way to Gerry's Grill until wee hours beyond my curfew. XD 

Overall, it was tons of fun! =D  I hope we get to do it again soon.  But, it may take many years again as these guys are too busy and mature as they focus on their careers and preparation for marriage haha. Time sure flies by so fast whew!