Miss Earth Candidates Dine at Yoshinoya Glorietta 1

Last night, I was with fellow friends to meet and greet a batch of Miss Earth Candidates at Yoshinoya Glorietta 1
I've always been an environmentalist at heart so I fully support Miss Earth being a beauty pageant for environmental awareness.  As their motto goes "Beauty for a Cause".  Moreover, we should be proud that the crowned Miss Earth has to reside in Manila during her reign as it is headquartered here.  I can still recall two years ago when we shared having a fun run with Miss Earth Candidates?  That was inspirational.

They had a fulfilling meal of Kani Salad and Beef Bowl or Sesame Beef Bowl.  I've always been a fan of their Beef Bowl as I've shared before.

There were all so nice and friendly with wide smiles.

They played a game of picking up marshmallows with chopsticks.  They were very lively and energetic as their eyes glittered in excitement.

I'm impressed at how game they were despite being tall, sexy and beautiful.

They were divided into three teams.  Each had a plateful of marshmallows set on a table.

Team two won themselves Yoshinoya mugs.

Team 2 is so pleased with their prize.

They are kind of gleeful and playful.

Miss Nepal is stands out among the team as full of bursting personality.

The Yoshinoya Crew are so happy that they get to share an awesome night with Miss Earth Candidates.