Nuat Thai Tomas Morato: Make Your Own Spa Experiece Promo Package

I've been so busy with school and all my free time is spent on our eat outs.  But, sometimes its good to pamper a bit.  So one weekend, our group decided to pay Nuat Thai Tomas Morato a visit.  We usually go out for some eats but that day was special it was eats then pamper. =D

nuat thai tomas morato
Nuat Thai Tomas Morato is located at the corner of Scout Limbaga and Tomas Morato just beside Congo Grille.  It was also opposite Cerchio Grill & Lounge.  Although the signage is located at the lower level, the spa occupies two floors to cater to their clients demands.

nuat thai tomas morato nuat thai tomas morato
Since the first floor was full of clients, we were only able to view the second floor.  It looked clean, elegant and cozy like a luxurious spa.  We were told that celebrities frequent there too.  As we glanced on their price list, we found out that they had a wide range of services for an affordable price.

nuat thai tomas morato

nuat thai tomas morato
The boys were easy to please.  They wanted an aromatherapy massage and that's it.  But for us ladies, we wanted to avail a lot more.  Studying all day has made my back ache so I wanted to enjoy a full body massage.  I also want a body scrub.  I intended to get some natural scrub by the beach last summer but Kurt and I couldn't fit it on our schedule.  My girl friends also want to avail of a variety of services.  We were all having a hard time deciding when they told us that they have a "Make Your Own Spa Experience" promo package.

nuat thai tomas morato promo package
We were all delighted because for 700 php or 1,150 php, we could already avail of three different services.  We've been to other spas before and for an ambiance offered especially the partitioning of the rooms, it usually costs a thousand for a body massage alone.

nuat thai tomas morato scents
To aid our decision, they had this little bottles were we could sample the smell of their scrubs.  After a few minutes, we told them our options.

I chose the following package: (1,150 php - That's 150 php savings!)
  • Asian Espresso Detox Body Ritual (600 php)
  • 1 Hour Swedish Massage (350 php)
  • Asian Espresso Detoxifying Foot Paraffin (350 php)
On the other hand, Berylle availed of a somewhat similar package: (1,150 php - That's 190 php savings!)
  • Royal Contour Body Ritual (650 php) 
  • 1 Hour Swedish Massage (350 php)
  • Orly Manicure and Pedicure (340 php)
My friend Sumi availed a different package:  (700 php - That's 80 php savings!)
  • Pomegrate Dead Sea Salt Foot Ritual (300 php)
  • 1 Hour Thai Foot Massage (250 php)
  • Kleancolor Manicure and Pedicure (230 pp)
After a few minutes, we were individually escorted to our own rooms where our pampering session awaits us.  We entered into the stoney steps passing by several partitioned rooms.  

nuat thai tomas morato nuat thai tomas morato
Some of the rooms have the flat bed for Thai massages which requires a lot of stretching.  While the other rooms have Swedish beds for the Swedish massage and body scrubs.  They also have rooms with salon chairs and lazy boy chairs for their hand, foot and nail services. 

nuat thai tomas morato thai bednuat thai tomas morato swedish bed
Kurt was taken to a room with a flat bed for his Aroma Therapy Massage.  On the other hand, Berylle and I were taken to a room with plastic covered Swedish bed for our Body Scrub.

Aroma Therapy Massage (550 php)
The  Aroma Therapy Massage is a 1 hour and 30 min massagewith a mix of both Swedish Massage and Shiatsu. At the very end , a warm aromatic bean bag back massage was performed that soothed both the body as well as the mind. 

nuat thai tomas morato body ritual
Asian Espresso Detox Body Ritual Kit

Asian Espresso Detox Body Ritual
My therapist named Siaska was very courteous.  She asked me if the temperature of the wet towel was okay with me and I affirmed.  Then, she applied some pressure and asked if that was also good with me and I likewise agreed.  As she proceeded, I found myself relaxed in a half nap as I floated away with the calming instrumental music resting my body over the soft bedding.  She first applied the cleanser gently and then the body scrub which was brushed all over my body.   Then, my entire body was moisturized and coated with a mask.  I was then wrapped and rolled for 20 mins.  Now I know what a sushi feels like... It was kind of comforting. =p

After my detox, I was led to the shower area where I washed the white mask off my skin and prepared for my Swedish massage.

1 Hour Swedish Massage
The same therapist performed my Swedish Massage.  This time, I found myself asleep except for the part where I felt some bone crunching.  After our massage, I was asked if I wanted some juice or tea and I chose the latter.

nuat thai tomas morato

Asian Espresso Detoxifying Foot Paraffin 

After getting dressed, I was led to a room where the lazy boy chairs were for my foot paraffin.  This was my first time to try it.  My foot theraphist Len gently massaged my foot and dipped some part of it into a wet liquid to ask if the temperature was okay.  As I gave her the go signal, she continue to dip it into the clear  substance which I soon found out was the paraffin wax as my foot turned white with its coating.

nuat thai tomas morato foot paraffin

Now this scenario looked familiar to me... Ever watched "Wanted" where Angelina Jolie would dip her whole body in the wax wherever she was wounded?  I never understood the reason for it until I researched using Nuat Thai Tomas Morato's FREE wifi about it while detoxifying. =D  It turns out that the paraffin treatment can help ease tense muscle and tissues making them heal faster and become softer.  It has been used since ancient Roman times too.

My feet was then plastic wrapped and clothed into a foot mitten.  And, it was left like so for about 20 minutes.
nuat thai tomas morato foot paraffin

When Len came back, she removed the plastic and the paraffin wax from my foot as if it was a sock.  It was removed in one piece without any residue.
nuat thai tomas morato foot paraffin
I couldn't believe how soft my feet was.  It felt like baby skin. It was so smooth and silky.  My feet also felt relieved free from all the walking and shoe pains.

As soon as I was finished, I checked out how my friend Berylle was doing and I suddenly envied her for her manicure.  It was beautifully done.
nuat thai tomas morato mani pedi

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