Marvel Avengers Alliance : Free In-game items links

Most of us already knows about the hit movie "Avengers" and because of that they created a fan book app for it wherein you get to play as your favorite  Marvel heroes such as Iron man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow , Spider Man and so much more.  The game play of Marvel Avengers Alliance is simple enough for anyone to understand and most likely old school role playing game players will like this as well especially since the game is similar to the old Final Fantasy games.

Majority of players would like to get ahead of the competition and with that in mind here's a few things that might help you along the way.

Now the links below will provide you a little leverage against the other players.

FREE Marvel Avengers Alliance Items

Stark Industries Isotope Cannon - Click to Get the item
Stark Industries Isotope Cannon (Power Level 50)
Target - All Enemies
Total Damage - 60 -72
Number of Hits - 4
Hit / Critical - 93% / 14%
Type - Gun Ranged
PVP Bonus - +310 Attack / +620 Defence


  • Power is set by Agent Level when Acquired

Iso 8 Corruptions (3 Turns) 

  • Taking Damage Every Turn 
  • All Stats Reduced
  • This Effect can be applied 3 Times

Spider-Sense Injector - Click to Get the item

Spider-Sense Injector (Power Level 15)
Target - Self
Cooldown - 2 Rounds
Type - Buff
PVP Bonus - +207 Attack / +413 Defence

Quick Action

  • Grant an immediate free turn after using

Spider-Sense (2 Turns)

  •  Greatly increase evasion.
  • Gains an extra turn if attacked.

Fantastic Formula - Click to Get the item
Fantastic Formula (Power Level 15)
Target - All Allies
Cooldown - 3 Rounds
Type - Buff Heal
PVP Bonus - +310 Attack / +620 Defense

Fantastic Formula (3 Turns)

  • Grants an Iso 8 Infused cosmic buff to either Attack, Defense Accuracy, or Evasion

Silver ( In-game currency)

The following are links for silver coins to help you out with your training and gears

Silver 1000
Silver 1000
Silver 1000
Silver 2500
Silver 2500
Silver 2500
Silver 2500
Silver 2500
Silver 4000
Silver 4000

Free Gold
1 Gold
2 Gold

Spec Ops 2 Emma Frost Campaign
50 Unstable Blue ISO

To play Marvel Avengers Alliance simply click the link below