E-Hydrate Protein-on-the-Go

I'm not really a fan of energy drinks because of the loaded sugar, artificial colors and whatever suspicious ingredients mixed in.  Before encountering E-Hydrate Protein-on-the Go, I usually just bring a bottle of water on my weekly jog.  I bet you're wondering what made me try E-Hydrate right?

For one, the summer sun is so intense reaching up to 29 degrees even on as early as 7 am in the morning.  I found myself drinking water more than working out.

I knew I needed an energy, protein and electrolyte boost.  Luckily, Healthy Options offered E-Hydrate - an energy drink that clean with little or no sugar and has more protein than other energy drinks.  E-Hydrate Protein-on-the-Go comes in 5 different product lines:  Protein-on-the-Go Premium, Kids Protein-on-the-Go, Protein-on-the-Go ACTIVE, Natural Drink Mix and Kids Natural Drink Mix.

I especially found the Protein-on-the-Go Premium quite convenient because I just drink it with me in addition to my bottle of water.  Then, I just fill it up to drink.

1.) Twist off cap to open pouch.
2.) Squeeze side of bag to loosen settled product.
3.) Fill pouch to 50% FULL line and replace cap.
4.) Shake (up to 1 minute) until fully dissolved.
5.) Remove cap, fill to 100% Full line.
6.) Replace cap, shake again before consuming.

The vanilla flavor is just fine with me but those who prefer a sweeter and more flavorful drink will like the chocolate flavor more.  I bet the kids will also enjoy it. 

Price-wise and health-wise, I think the Natural Drink Mix and Kids Natural Drink Mix is a better option though, it has no sugar (only stevia) and it's also easy to use since you can just pour the mix on your bottle of water.

I think it's great that they have different types and flavors.  They even considered the kids.  E-Hydrate is definitely a introduction for the kids on protein shakes.  I will bring some of these on my hike trips too.