T&J Professional Lightmall: 7 Reasons Why I Trust Them With My Hair

With our social media savvy generation, where selfies and OOTD (outfit of the day) are part of our everyday routine.  As you all know I myself am addicted to Instagram and have several accounts such as @tsinoyfoodies, @traveltripsters and @crumpylicious.  Thus, it has become a must to have our hair looking awesome and controlled not just for the sake of vanity but also for the sake of art and keeping up with our generation.  Since it's summer and for sure summer outing and events will be prominent, I opted entrust my hair care with T&J Salon by Tony & Jackey for a total summer make over. 

t & j salon lightmall
Here are my 7 reasons why....

t & j salon lightmall

1.  Superb Ambiance

Upon stepping into T&J, I already knew I have come to the right place.  The chandeliers give of a cozy yet elegant feel.  It was well-ventilated with high ceiling so I didn't get overwhelmed with salon fumes that I usually encounter elsewhere.  They space utilized with organization.

t & j salon lightmall
It was very spacious so even though they have a lot of hair stylists working at a busy pace with their carts moving around, you can still move with comfort. 

t & j salon lightmall
More importantly, it was very bright and squeaky clean.  I notice how attentive they are in sweeping fallen hair strands.  What a discipline!

t & j salon lightmallt & j salon lightmall

You Tuber Phoenix Sy Getting His Hair Treatment

2. Well-trained Staffs
Whether it's shampooing your hair up to technical things like hair treatment, each and everyone of the assistants - those in checkered skirts, are capable of attending to your needs.

While I was having my hair shampooed, ate (sorry forgot to ask her name because I was so into her tales) was proudly telling me all about her work.  She told me their training is a meticulous process.  Like in Taekwondo, they have several stages (white belt, yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt and black belt) before become a certificate hair stylists (then you get to wear the cool white uniform).  They have an exam every 3 months to see if you can progress.  If you're a prodigy, you can become a certified hair stylist in a span of two years.  But, many like ate cannot do so as they have to learn each step slowly and surely.  According to ate, she has been with Tony & Jackey Academy for around 2 years and she is currently a yellow belter.  What's great about Tony & Jackey Academy is that the staffs get rotated in around their 50 branches so ate has had the chance to work side by side with Tony & Jackey's best korean hair stylists.


3. Quality Hair Care Products
T&J Professional uses quality hair care products - mostly Korean brands imported from Korea except for L'OrĂ©al.   In every step of the way, ate was showing me each and every hair product that she is applying on my hair.  She explains how it is applied, how often I can apply and it's purpose.  T&J Professional also sells the products they use.  If you can see the bottle instruction and boxes, they are in Korean but not to worry since T&J Professional provides instructions in English which you can get at the counter when you purchase them.

seven sungbo lee
With T & J Salon Operations Manager Seven (Sungbo) Lee

4. Trained and Managed by the Best Korean Hair Stylists
I was fortunate enough to meet and had my hair done by T & J Salon Operations Manager Seven (Sungbo) Lee.  As you can see, I have a very thick jet black hair that's difficult to manage since childhood. 

seven sungbo lee
My hair has always been challenging even for the best stylists.  So I was really curious with how Seven will make it look better.
seven sungbo lee
After around 20 minutes of applying his skills...

t&j salon
And, he did some follow ups after the shampoo...

Tada! My new hairstyle for the summer!

t&j salont&j salon
To complete my summer look, I also had my hair color.  (Photo credits to DemsAngeles.Com)  I left the color selection to Seven.

t&j professional manager seven lee
Me With T & J Salon Operations Manager Seven (Sungbo) Lee
So how's my new look?

5. Making Filipino Dreams Come True
t&j professional
I am a firm believer that dreams do come true.  Remember how our enthusiasm and passion starts of fiery and sparkly when we were kids.  We have so much hope and energy to try and try.  But, then we turn into adults and the fast pace world has made it more difficult for us to dream.  And, you'd hardly encounter people talking and passionate about pursuing their dreams.  To my amazement, I could sense the passion of every Filipino assistant at T&J Professional to pursue their dream in being as skillful or even more skillful certified hair stylists as their Korean trainers and educators.

While Seven was doing my hair cut and hair color, I could see ate's sparky and gleaming eyes as she paid attention.  I can't help but route for her and all the other Filipino assistants of T&J.  T&J is their training ground and it will also be their stage once they become a certified hair stylist.  Yes, that's right.  If Tony & Jackey Salon is where you can get premium hair services from professional Korean hair stylists and Bangs is where you can get affordable hair services also by Korean hair stylists, T&J is where you can get super affordable hair service performed by our very own certified Filipino hair stylists who were trained by Korean hair stylists and passed the certification of the Tony and Jackey Academy.

t&j professional service menu

6. Very affordable
Not that I'm a cheapskate but our hair must be maintained regularly so why not get one at an affordable price so you can continue to visit once every three months or oftener right?  At T&J, the price is unbelievable affordable.

t&j professional service price list

According to ate both Filipino and Koreans alike favor T&J for being affordable and yet you get quality service as they are all trained by Korean hair stylists.  They have here almost all services except for the premium ones.

tnj salon price list

And, you can also purchase here the same hair products as sold in Tony & Jackey Salon and Bangs

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