5 Home-Based Business Ideas for Techies

Many people choose to work for an employer rather than for themselves because they believe that they need the security of a regular income. However, there are a few who have a burning desire to be in charge of their own destiny and it is these people who strive to start a business of their own instead of working for another company. If you are determined to strike out on your own and are a technology enthusiast, one of the following business ideas may be worth considering.

1.    Servicing laptops. This is ideal for home workers because the vast majority of clients will require a home visit, which means that there is no need to rent an impressive office in an expensive part of town. Online advertising would probably be the cheapest method of attracting new customers although there is no reason why you cannot distribute leaflets and brochures in your local area too. You will of course need to have the necessary skills to carry out repairs on notebook computers so it is not something that everybody can do.

2.    Designing websites. For creative people who also have a working knowledge of HTML and other technologies commonly employed on websites, this could be a very convenient way to start building a business from home. Because all the work can be delivered online, there is no need to restrict yourself to local customers when starting a business of this nature. As long as you are able to communicate with potential clients in their native language, you can provide a website design service that spans the globe.

3.    Installing home security systems. Now that many systems are built around IP cameras, which communicate with a centrally located server using standard computer network protocols, any techie with a working knowledge of how to put a small home network together could possibly install residential security systems. Many people are worried about protecting their home from burglars when they are out so there is a strong demand for such systems. If you like the idea of starting your own home security business, you will probably need to study the systems that are already available and adapt them to meet the needs of individual customers rather than designing your own systems from scratch.

4.    Troubleshooting software issues on desktop and laptop computers. Many people use a PC on a daily basis but as soon as something goes wrong with their machines, they have very little idea of how to fix the problem. If you are used to installing new programs, tinkering with the settings and finding solutions to any issues that arise with the operation of the applications you use, this potentially lucrative business idea could be worth considering. Advertising for customers would again mostly be carried out online, in order to keep your start-up costs to a minimum.

5.    Repairing mobile phones.  The growing number of people that use smartphones on a daily basis makes this business idea one that could provide you with a decent income for many years to come. There are various technical courses that you can attend to learn about the inner workings of smartphones if you are not already proficient at repairing them and if you promote your new venture efficiently, you could recoup the cost of these courses in no time.

Starting a new business is definitely not for everybody but for those who wish to build an income stream that allows them the freedom to stop working for other people, it is the only viable option and one that can be very rewarding in the long run.

Raiza Pepino is writing on a freelance basis for Regus in the Philippines. They are one of the top providers of video conferencing solutions along with serviced offices for rent. You can see some of her works via Google+ and Twitter.