BGC Eats Food Tour 2014: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

My friends and I had a great time with the BGC Eats Food Tour last year so we made spontaneous purchases to be able to join.

We were able to join two out of four food tour slots: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

Food Photography with Mylene Chung
We opted for this schedule because we have high regards for Mylene Chung of  We figured among the expert guests, she would be the one with the best picks.  Like all BGC Eats Food Tour, the main guide is still JJ Yulo.

1st Stop: Orale!
Orale! was undergoing renovation so we were just given packed tacos. 

2nd Stop: Sarsa
Most of our time was spent in Sarsa.  I've heard a lot of buzz around Sarsa so I'm glad this was chosen.  Each dish served is to be divided among 6 BGC Eats Food Tourist.
crispy panara rolls
Crispy Panara Rolls
crispy dilis
Crispy Dilis

liempo q
inasal tofu
Inasal Tofu
3rd Stop: Tipple & Slaw
We hardly rode the bus because the next 2 stops were also in Forum South Global where Sarsa is also located.  Tipple & Slaw looks like a bar.  For each 4-5 seater table, we shared one dish.  Everyone enjoyed all the dishes and drinks served. 

tipple and slaw
Salmon and Dill
tipple and slaw
Chicken Nuggets
tipple and slaw
tipple and slaw
House Blend Iced Tea
4th Stop: Marmalade Kitchen
We all had high hopes and expectations from Marmalade Kitchen because of the great interiors of the place.  Sad to say, not one of the treats served was able to meet our expectations.

marmalade kitchen
This is the first time I've seen so many cookies that tasted similarly sugar and flour.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen
I liked this the most although a bit sweet.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen

Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran
I enjoyed the Healthy Eats better than the first.  It's technically not healthy but they do give healthy or at least healthier tips along the way.  Plus, it had 5 stops instead of the normal 4.

1st Stop: Salo
Salo offers very affordable meals.  It is located where Shawarma Guy used to be.  One dish is shared by 4-5 persons.

kamote chips
Kamote Chips

adobong kangkong
Adobong Kangkong

tokwat baboy
Tokwa't Baboy
2nd Stop:Soy Yummy
Everyone enjoyed Soy Yummy.  We all had a cup of our chosen flavor.  It's my first time to try it.  It's so delicious!

yummy soy

3rd Stop: Suzhou
Our most fulfilling stop is Suzhou!  We were served so many delicious dishes that it was us who surrendered.

sour and hot soup
Sour and Hot Soup
scallion pancake
Scallion Pancake
Fried Noodles
Kuchay Dumplings
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Fortune Cookie
4th Stop: Phat Pho
Phat Pho complied with the healthiness.  It was also delicious.  I'll be back for their phos and banh mi.

phat pho
Chicken Satay and Rice Paper Rolls Chilled Shrimp
phat pho
5th Stop: Crisp on the 28th
Crisp on the 28th is another restaurant from Erwann Heussaff...  This just opened a few weeks ago so we're really to have one of the first dibs on it.  Everything was so good albeit pricey-looking.  We were all so full at this point.  But, the food was irresistible so we all tried it but were no longer able to finish them all.

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

Overall, I really enjoyed BGC Eats Food Tour 2014!  I can't wait for next year.