Brave: Movie Review in 3D

Pixar's latest creation or should I say Disney's creation is soon to hit the movie theaters and surely enough after seeing its wonderful trailers you'll most likely be anticipating it.

"Brave" is about young Princess Merida who feels that her freedom/life is being taken away by her mother, sounds familiar?  This plot has been retold more than several times, a rebellious kid who tries to make their own path then finds themselves in a predicament in which they'll realize that their parents/elders aren't really trying to make their lives miserable but are just there to give them some guidance.

The movie's target audience will definitely get affected by the moral of the story especially since most teenagers nowadays feels like this.

The animation and graphic is pretty good although I didn't feel that 3D was necessary for the film.  The music is pretty good.

Oh and don't walk out on the post-credits.  It's just a good closing but nothing essential if you did.

It was a good movie, even with a mediocre plot the feeling and emotional problem will forever be seen in lot of adolescent teens and hopefully they'll soon realize the answer before its too late.

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My interpretation on what being BRAVE meant (by Stacy)
A few days ago when we watched this movie, we were both wondering why it was entitled BRAVE.  Today, I had a talk with my mother and I was reminded of my rebellious teenage years.  I finally understood it.  Being BRAVE isn't about being good with weapons and fighting skills... It's about realizing and accepting our mistakes and swallowing our pride before the damage becomes irreparable.  It takes a lot of BRAVERY to do that.  It is easier to break bonds that to fix it because its easy for pride to comes in the way.  Thus in the movie Merida was presented with an issue that we all struggle in our daily lives... "Mend the bond hurt by pride".