Ragnarok Mobile: Sure 120 Kills in Ultraman Rift Dungeon Earth Crevice

This guide was made to spare you guys from the many failures we had to go through before reaching the 120 kill point at Ragnarok Mobile Sea Event: Ultraman Rift  Dungeon Earth Crevice .

Step 1: Memorize the Monster Names and Buffs

Step 2: Always remember to spam manually the normal attack to avoid knock back (don't do auto because it sometimes goes nuts)

Step 3: Always allocate a member in each of the 4 spots

Step 4: In case you receive a buff during one round, save that for the next round.

Step 5: Communicate with your team mates and trade places so you can go to the spawning spot of the monster matching your buff before the round begins (you have five seconds to run for it).

Step 6: Familiarize yourselves with the spawining points as listed here: (priorities those with *)
King Joe - always ramdom except for round 4 there are two stationed at D

Round 1:
A - Golza * - if possible 1 member with buff should go here immediately
B - one member should quickly run here
C and D - other members should unite to clear this

 Round 2:
A - Baltan*
B- Eleking*
C - Gomora
D - Golza - allocate two members here if possible

Round 3:
A - Gomora
B - Bemstar and Eleking * - allocate two members here
C - Baltan
D - Golza

Round 4:
A - Eleking
B -  many mixed mobs so allocate two members here
C - Bemstar and Gomora
D - only two King Joe - one member should start here and go help others after

So follow these tips and you will surely achieve the Cosmic Garrison Title

Special credits for knowledge, boosting and photo to my guildmates at INFINITE [MOON].