5th Gen Is The Newest Endorser of T&J Salon

Last month, I have shared my remarkable transformation all thanks to T&J Salon.  Now, I'm happy to share that the brand is growing even more as it partners with 5th Gen as their newest set of endorsers.

t&j salon and 5th gen

5th Gen is a group is composed of world champions and multi-medalists from the international talent competition called World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), namely Reymond Sajor, Rhap Salazar, Marielle Mamaclay, Lady Onnagan and Rj Buenagua.

t&j salon and 5th gen
5th Gen was established on September 5, 2014.  Thus, they are a relatively young group that continuous to grow.  

t&j salon and 5th gen
According to Bang's President, Sky Park, 5th Gen was chosen not only because of their talent but also because they have the heart which is what matters more for the brand.

t&j salon and 5th gen
After welcoming 5th Gen as their newest endorsers, T&J Salon surprised the birthday celebrant
Lady Onnagan with a birthday cake and song.

Lady Onnagan
Hope her birthday wishes come true.

5th Gen is currently managed by Vega Entertainment.  They can sing different genres.

Check out their latest single Contagious on itunes.

5th gen seven lee and t& j salon
5th Gen with Head Operations Manager of T&J Salon Seven Lee
Congratulations 5th Gen and T&J Salon!