Your Name: My Movie Review

I have great expectation with "Your Name" because Makoto Shinkai has a preceding reputation for making great animations.

your name
The movie partakes a body swap fantasy.  First, it is taken lightly and quirky as the two casts deal with the changes. Then, it transforms into an innocent adolescent love capturing the hearts of everyone along with them.  Just like Taki who never wanted to give up, the audience are also hoping and believing along with him especially when he said  “I’m always searching for something, for someone."

Although set in the modern world where they use their cellphones as diaries, it also displays traditional Japanese culture and beliefs.  The fantasy is wonderfully interwoven that it drags you in so much that you forget about logic and possibility for reality.  It makes one believe in destiny, fate, the sacredness of time, and great bonds like love.  There are also relatable advises such as “Treasure the experience.  Dreams fade away after you wake up."

The songs are modern by RADWIMPS but the lyrics are poetic and meaningful. 
  • Zenzenzense (前前前世 "Previous Previous Previous Life")
  • Supākuru (スパークル "Sparkle")
  • Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや "It's Nothing"
Overall, Your Name is a must watch and an unforgettable and emotional cartoon that you will remember for a lifetime