Ball Pit Manila: My Top 10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience

I've previously shared about Ball Pit Manila,  a pop out installation adult ball pit play park that just opened in Urban Avenue in Makati

ballpit manila
If you just want to be like a kid and purely play, these tips are not for you.   If you want to do more than that, then read on.

10. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time
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There's a paid parking at the back of Campos Rueda Building itself.  But, Ball Pit Manila is located on the second floor so you will need some time to take the plight of stairs.  And, you will also need some time to settle in for removing your shoes, wearing socks and organizing your things by your table space.  They don't have lockers by the way so stuffs are just left out like that. 

9. Bring fresh socks - meaning worn only when you get to the venue
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"Bring fresh socks - meaning worn only when you get to the venue" is a reminder on bold that you'll receive on your booking request.  Sometimes, we're too excited that we forget this.  Just like in the case of my family, I gave everyone a notice of this in advance.  When we got to Ball Pit Manila, I was surprised that everyone forgot about this and wore the socks upon leaving the house.  So too bad for our cute socks, they had to buy the plain black socks from Ball Pint Manila for 50 php.  My big brother had a feet size of 12 so the socks didn't fit for him.

8. Book wisely!
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The Ball Pit has a maximum capacity of 20 persons.  But if you want to jump around, dive and take awesome photographs without butts popping out on the background, you want to have as less people in the same pit as possible.  Therefore, when you book through their website, pick the slot with more available slots (less people).   Better if you book near your intended date so less people will add in.  Although they allow walk-ins, slots aren't ensured especially since sometimes they are fully booked for an event.

7. Visit During Day Time
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If you want to take great photos and videos especially with action shots, go on a day time because natural light will radiate from the window just by the ball pit.  There are open as early as 10 am.  Moreover, the after-work hours of 5 pm to 10 pm are the time when the pit is busy.

6. Bring a Camera
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Bring your own camera because for sure you want to take tons of photographs and videos.  At night, phones are not as recommendable especially if you're picky with graininess like me.  Go pros with monopod stick are allowed inside the ball pit. 

5. Come in groups
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Ball Fight!
As they say, the more the merrier.  It's best to come in groups.  The bigger the better.  During our visit, we were a family of 6.  The another group of 10 and 5.  If possible, be in a group of 20 and occupy the pit.  That way it's fun and you have the luxury of comfort.  You can play any game you want without being worried if you're hitting the wrong person or invading a photograph space of another group.  Moreover, it's a different experience for a different group so it's a great idea to visit with a variety of people.

4. Be creative
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For the first half of your hour, you have enough time to play around.  If you want to take good photos then use the rest of your time to be creative.

3.  Wear contrasting colors
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As the balls are white, wearing contrasting colored clothes will make you stand out more.
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It's not a good idea to wear white and light gray.  Go for red and dark shades like black and blue. 

2. Allocate more than an hour
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Not only does your payment comes with a free choice of coffee or iced tea, they also have card games available.  They also offer unlimited coffee or iced tea for only 60 php.

1. Enjoy and have fun!
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The experience wouldn't be so wholesome if you didn't act like a kid and play around silly.  It's so much fun to just lay there and let the balls massage you.  Try it and you'll be amazed at how it can de-stress you.

Hope these tips will help you!  Enjoy Ball Pit Manila! =)