Arla Foods: World's Number One Farmer-Owned Organic Dairy Company Now Avaialble in the Philippines

If you compare the Philippines to other foreign countries, you'd be amazed that we have more restaurants here.  Thus, I believe we have become one of the best food places in the entire world.
With that, I was am eagerly awaiting more quality products to be available here too.  And, that is why I really welcome Arla Foods, the world's number one farmer-owned organic dairy company in choosing the Philippines as their first target in Southeast Asia.  It is ranked top 15 valuable food brands worldwide.

arla foods
Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Jan Top Christensen, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Chef China Cojuangco-Gonzalez, Chef Gino Gonzalez, Chris Everingham and Marco Lobregat
Arla Foods has a humble beginning.  It started in the 1880's as a small cooperative among dairy farmers.  Being farmer-owned, they govern the whole value chain from raw milk, to transportation and production facilities.  And, with their dedication to their 100% all-natural claim and using the best raw material to produce hormone-free milk, no doubt it has now become the world's number 1 organic dairy producer and the 5th largest dairy with over 13,400 Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German, British, Luxembourgian and Belgian dairy farmers. 

arla foods
They have a brand quality assurance method called Arlagaarden (pronounced as Arla-Gon) which means farm.  Arlagaarden has 4 cornerstones of quality:
  1. Milk Composition - hormone-free, no additives, no preservative, no colorants, no stabilizers so when you read the labels, you'll recognize all the ingredients
  2. Food Safety - undergoes ultra-heat treatment (UHT) to kill microorganisms and allowing it to have a 12-month shelf-life
  3.  Animal Welfare - cows are cared for by the farmers as they believe that healthy and happy cows produce happy milk
  4. Environmental Protection - by using natural raw materials, they protect the environment landscape and reduce use of hazardous chemicals thereby promoting a healthy eco-system
arla milk
Arla has 5 All Natural Milk Variants: Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%, Semi-Skimmed Low Fat UHT Milk 1.5%, skimmed Low-Fat UHT Milk 0.3%, Organic Full Cream UHT Milk and Lactose Free Full Cream UHT Milk.  Yup, cool huh?  If you're lactose intolerant and missing milk, then now is your chance.

arla natural cheese slices
Arla Natural Cheese Slices comes in 4 variants: Harvati, Gouda and Emmental and Mozzarella

arla natural cream cheese
Arla's Natural Cream Cheese line is my favorite!  It's very rich and creamy.  There are 5 variants to choose from: Herbs and Spice, Pineapple, Lacto-Free, Natural Light and Natural.

arla dairy
Jan Top Christensen - Ambassador  of Denmark to the Philippines

 arla foods
Since Arla let's in the goodness,  no wonder many food connoisseurs has embraced using Arla in their delectable dishes.

arla foods
Chef Gino Gonzalez Arla Potato Cheese Balls

arla foods
Chef China Cojuanco-Gonzales Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake
starrs famous milkshake
Starr's Famous Shakes
starrs famous milkshake
Guilt-Free Milkshake made with Arla Natural Lactose Free Milk and Yogurt with Cherry Lime and Strawberry
fog cityfog city
I've raved about Fog City Creamery before, with Arla it's now even better.

fog city
Aloha Made with Arla Natural Pineapple Cream Cheese
fog cityfog city
Dark Desire made with Arla Natural Full Cream Milk
bos coffee
Bo's Coffee
You can tell from my multiple posts on Bo's Coffee here, here, here and here that I'm a big fan of this homegrown (local) coffee brand.
bos coffee
Caffe Mocha with Arla Full Cream Milk.
So yes, no doubt I had a Caffe Mocha with Arla Full Cream Milk.

Arla Foods Philippines