Doña Elena's Al Dente Pasta Eccelente: National Pasta Day Celebration with Chef David Lombardi

To celebrate National Pasta Day (October 25, 2014), Doña Elena invited us to learn more about it.

dona elena
 So allow me to be a pasta geek and share with you what I learned during the crash course lecture.
1. Pasta are made using either teflon dies or bronze dies.  Bronze dies produce coarser pasta which allows it to marry into sauces better. 
2. The word "pasta" is derived from "paste."
3. "Al Dente" means "firm to bite."
4. To enable you to have "Al Dente Pasta", you have to combine cooking precision and the use of pasta made from 100% durom wheat semolina which are harder than normal wheat flour.
5. Don’t use oil when boiling your pasta.
6. Your senses should be keen when cooking.  It should smell right and the color is still yellow when you blanch them.

dona elena natioonal pasta day
Chef David Lombardi demonstrated to us two delicious pasta dishes using Doña Elena products: Doña Elena Al Dente Penne Rigate, Doña Elena Al Dente Fusilli, Doña Elena Pure and Extre Virgin Olive OilChef Lombardi is the owner of Lombardi’s and Lucia Ristorante (named after his mother)  I’m glad Chef Lombardi shared his cooking technique with us because we’ve been using Doña Elena Pure and Extra Virgin Oil at home but we really don’t know the difference.  Chef Lombardi taught us to use the Doña Elena Pure for cooking and the Doña Elena Extra Virgin for last minute flavoring.

dona elena natioonal pasta day
Media Showcase their Pasta Cooking Skills Using Doña Elena's Al Dente Pasta
I have honestly never used Doña Elena's Al Dente products.  But, I will now try it after learning that they offer premium quality pasta that's GMO-free plus 100% certified all-natural.  It is available in five different variants: Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagna, Penne Rigate and Fusilli.  Their pasta are made by bronze dies for coarser texture using 100% durom wheat semolina with 13% protein (as compared to other brands which only has 6%).

dona elena natioonal pasta day