Mega Food Tour: Join a 4-Hour Free Food Tour Starting with Tim Ho Wan at SM Mega Mall Fashion Hall

I was able to partcipate in the Media Tour for the Mega Food Tour which is scheduled on two dates: May 30 and June 6.  Unlike other food tours organized by the #MercatoCentraleGroup, the Mega Food Tour is a FREE food tour for the qualifying winners of the best picture of dishes from any SM Megamall Restaurant in instagram contest that will run from May 23 to June 6.  Each food tour is estimated to have around 20 foodie participants.

The Mega Food Tour 15-Course Food Tour from ground level up.  We were toured by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet himself.  It was the first time for me to meet him so it was such an honor.

1st Level

Tim Ho Wan
tim ho wan
*photo credits to my food blog
tim ho wan
Baked Buns with Pork BBQ
tim ho wan
Steam Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp
tim ho wan
Glutinous Rice and Lotus Leaf
For my complete review of my Tim Ho Wan experience check my food blog post.


Minibon (65 php)
Considering the time constraint, we were allowed to take home some of the items.  This is the first of them.  My mom and I are big fans of cinammon rolls so we indulged ourselves with these delectable Minibon.

Bono Gelato
bono gelato

bono gelato
I've review Bono Artisinal Gelato before so just check it out here.  I'm glad they now have more branches and they are continuously coming up with new flavors.


We were given a box of Kyochon's Original Wings.  I brought it home and reheated it using an oven toaster and it was still crispy and succulent.  We enjoyed the mild but adequate flavor.  I'll probably have to try more of their products to be certain.  But, this is definitely one of the top Korean Double Fried Chickens on my list up there with Smoper Chicken and 4 Fingers

Chez Karine
chez karine

chez karine
Muscovado Royal Pudding (110 php)
I've been hearing a lot of raves about Chez Karine but I've always been driven back by the price.  My reaction is like "what around 110-250 php for a small bottle of pudding? no way!".  But, when I tried the Muscovado Royal Pudding, I just couldn't stop myself from spooning.  I actually bought one for my mom the next day and as expected she had the same reaction!

The French Baker Salon de The
french baker salon de the

french baker salon de the
This is probably the cheapest tea set I've encountered.  For 400 php, you get a pot tea and this double-tier tea set.

french baker salon de the
Blueberry Jasmine Tea
I enjoyed the Blueberry Jasmine Tea

2nd Level

Gigi Gaerlan Custaroonery
gigis custaroonery

gigis custaroonery
It's been two year since I've tried and reviews Gigi Gaerlans Custaroons. I'm glad to share that it's still as good as before and it's now more convenient to buy with this mall branch.  Check out my review here.

gigis custaroonery
Chocolate Poppers
These Chocolate Poppers are new to me.  These are really good too!

3rd Level

Osaka Ohsho
osaka ohsho

osaka ohsho
Original, Cheese and Nori Gyoza and Japanese Style Chicken Karaage with Grated Radish
Finally, we reached the main course of the Mega Food Tour.  You can check my extensive food review at Osaka Ohsho here.


Paella Queso HamonadoSangria and Churros
The  Paella Queso Hamonado is very savory since it is topped with manchego goat cheese, chorizo and ham.  The texture of the paella is really authentic!  I'd definitely want to try more of their variants soon.  The Sangria is also delicious.  We had the Churros for take home.  I couldn't judge it for its consistency but the chocolate dip is superb!

lamb adobo
Lamb Adobo
The Lamb Adobo has a very clean, garlicky and salty flavor.  It was soft and tender too.

sampaloc shake
Sampaloc Shake
This is my first time to try a Sampaloc Shake and now I'll look forward to trying more of these.

8 Cuts
8 cuts

We were able to sample the different patties at 8 cuts.  I've arrange the photos according to the strength of marinate and flavors from the Beef Bomb (lightest) to the Big Game (strongest).  The Steak Cut fits my preference the most.  I've seen this in the family's wishlist so I think a more holistic dining experience is at hand.

Lugang Cafe
xiao long bao
Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp Balls with Mozarella, Pork Innards Mango Pudding with Fresh Diced Mango
This is my third time to visit Lugang Cafe.   I've reviewed their Greenhills and SM Mall of Asia branch before and I have always left positive remarks about them especially their Shaved Ice hehe.  Always glad to have their Xiao Long Bao and happy to try the others.  All were good!

lugang cafe
They have an interesting coffee maker.  According to them, it's made in Taiwan but the concept is Arabic. 

4th level
The last time I've tried Vikings was around 3 years ago during their soft opening at their pioneer branch in SM Moa San Miguel by the Bay.  I didn't know or expect them to level up to what they are today.  We were served gourmet dishes with caviar and more.  I think a revisit is at hand and I'll add it to my long wishlist. =)

5th level

Pink Berry
pink berry
Plain, Strawberry and Cookie and Cream
I've already state before that Pinkberry is the best frozen yogurt according to our family.  Check out my previous review here.  But, I'll always love their plain the most.  We buy a pint of those from time to time.

Lucca Bakery
lucca bakery
Banana Walnut Dessert and Bianca Mocha
Last but definitely not the least is the Banana Walnut and Bianca Mocha from Lucca Bakery.  I've tried Lucca Bakery before and I'm glad for this revisit because I discovered that they served really good coffee!  The  Banana Walnut is also an interesting alternative for cinnamon roll.
mega food tour

So if I were you, I'd start taking photos for guaranteed gastronomic food tour.