Christmas Season Preparation

The Christmas Season is finally here!  For me, Christmas time is the most special time of the year.  You can really see how strong and festive the Filipino spirit is.  Despite all the hardships and calamities that occurred, you can always expect a Christmas celebration for everyone still. 

Stores, house, streets and parks are filled with Christmas decor and bright lights.  There's also the expected Christmas rush as busy shoppers search for presents for their loved ones.  My creativity is put on a workout with all the Kris Kringle and exchange gifts.  And, the best part of all are Christmas parties!  I'm sure you'll have endless party invites for the entire month whether it's with work, friends or family. 
cocktail dress from Zalora
Of course, we ladies don't just eat at parties, we also dress to impress as we mingle.  It's better to check your wardrobe for the best dresses before those invites rush it.  If you don't have anything planned yet, you still have time to shop or online shop to avoid the Christmas rush.  Check out this cocktail dress from Zalora!  Ain't it affordable and nice?