Mister Donut Promo Alert: Free Box of Smidgets and More!

In line with Mister Donut's Unbox the Fun Campaign, there will be a special treat for the weekends of July 2017!

mister donut promo

Craving for Mister Donuts?  Now is the time to give in.  Reward yourself after a week's work,  And, good things are best when shared so this is also the time to give some to your loved ones.  Bring some Mister Donut home.  Share Mister Donut to your friends and neighbors. 

mister donut promo

Your July weekends are not more fun, flavorful and colorful as from Friday to Sunday this July specifically on July 14-16, July 21-23 and July 28-30, you can get a box of smigets for FREE when you buy a dozen donuts.

You can buy any type of donuts you love!  You can even have them in assortment.  Yes, mix in your classic favorites, Bavarians, Filled donuts, Choco cake, Minions and whatever else you like.  In fact with the many selections, you can get some week to week and still have a different kind of fun. 
mister donut promo

You're actually getting more than what you bought in bite-size treats.  Because for your 12-donut purchase, you will be getting 15 pcs. of assorted Bavarian and Choco Butternut for FREE! 

So what are you waiting for?  Grab some now!  It's a steal deal!  Mister Donut has always been the affordable donut and now you're getting even more. 

Head over to any Mister Donut branch nationwide.  With hundreds of branches and stalls, there's no reason to hesitate.  Have a happy or shall I say extra happy weekend with Mister Donut's special treat!