How to Spot the One: The Best Features of OPPO F1s

We’ve all experienced it all before, going to countless blind dates and events, thinking that we would finally find the one, our destiny.  But every single time, we find ourselves disappointed with the results.  Sure, there were a couple of guys who really stood out and exceed during our first dates, but after a few more dates, we realize that FIRST IMPRESSIONS DON’T REALLY LAST.  Over time, we find out that who we thought is Mr. Right would actually just be Mr. Right now.

The same is true with choosing the perfect smartphone.  Every time we find ourselves looking for the perfect phone to satisfy our needs, we always stumble upon countless claims of being the best phone ever existing.  And yet, after a few months of using that phone, we realize that it wasn’t as perfect as we thought it would be.  Some would stuck up while you’re at a crucial moment of replying to your boss, some would just suddenly shut off right at the cliff hanger of a movie you chose to watch on it. 

And because I am so tired of all these disappointments, both with my love life and my smartphone, I have come up with the perfect checklist to make sure that the person, or the phone that I have in my life, is definitely the one!

oppo f1s

And no, I’m not talking about all those muscles here, though a sexy, muscular guy is always a plus!   This aspect actually talks about how hard the guy is willing to try to keep your relationship going.  And a way to check this is through his past relationships.  How long were his past relationships?  A series of past relationships lasting for just a month is definitely a WARNING sign, most of the time.  But always remember to also hear out the reason why.

When it comes to buying a smartphone, a measure of its strength that you can use is its processor.  An octa-core is definitely more powerful than a quad-core in most instances. But more than that, it’s also important to check the Random Access Memory (RAM) of the phone because a very small RAM may limit the phone’s performance big-time!

oppo f1s

Yet again, I’m not talking about whether the guy sitting across from you has 20-20 vision.  I’m actually pertaining to what it is that the guy wants in his life, or particularly, what he wants the two of you to be for the months or years to come.  And this is important because if a guy only wants you as his friend, then you better get a move on!

When it comes to a smartphone, the vision I’m pertaining to is more literal.  Can it take awesome pictures?  Because for some people like me, I actually want my smartphone to be the only gadget that I need to get by.  So as such, I should be willing to forego buying a DSLR because my phone already kicking ass in the photography department.

oppo f1s

If you haven’t seen how frustrated Adam Sandler was in the movie ’50 First Dates’, believe me, it is definitely not easy to be with someone who has to ask you who you are every time you meet each other.  And in fact, we actually love those guys who can remember all those special dates and even  the smallest things about you.  And so, if you meet someone with a sharp memory, you might want to hold onto them.

The same is true with the smartphone.  A smartphone with a small internal memory can be really frustrating, especially when you want to install as much applications as you want.  And not to mention all those pictures and videos you couldn’t save all because there’s not enough room in your storage.

oppo f1s

While I’m pretty sure there are still a lot of perfect guys out there, waiting for their own Miss Right, I also believe that not all of them are reachable.  Sure, it’s nice to dream about celebrities falling in love with us, but when we do our reality check, we realize that it’s never going to happen.  So go for someone who you can actually get, like that next-door neighbor, or that office mate that’s been secretly admiring you, waiting for your queue to let them in.

And likewise, there will always be those flagship phones which everyone would always admire but would not always afford.  Just like how I can only afford the mid-range phones, I often avoid checking out those flagship phones because I know I can’t afford them.  Instead, I go for the phone which I know can fit my budget and still comply with my checklist.
oppo f1s

Unfortunately, after months of looking for my ideal guy using this checklist, I still haven’t found him.  But my luck actually isn’t that bad because I actually found my ideal smartphone - Oppo F1s!

Using my checklist, this is how Oppo F1s performed:
oppo f1s

And because of this, there’s no doubt what my next smartphone will be!