The Great LeAN Run: Photoblog Entry to Commemorate Martial Law

One of my professors invited us to join with him in at the Great Lean Run in UP Sunken Garden.
And, since its our midterms, I'll let my photos show you what happened.  Photos taken via phone and it was very dark so my apologies for the quality.

My Gears Before the Run... Sadly the shoes didn't survive Martial Law
Malacanang as the Finish Line
Excited Schoolmates =)
Sponsors Tent
Thanks Kambal Pandesal for unlimited Coffee Buns and Pandesal BEFORE and After the Run... No stocks for Zesto =(
Runners representing different generations
Blue race bib for Wave 2 and yellow race bib for wave 3
Heading for the starting line to warm up
Aerobics Time!
Crowd scrambles as Marcos declares martial law in fear we'll get caught (or at least our 3 flag lives will be taken)
Crossing the muddy creek (Lot's of gentlemen helping out the ladies). There's a tire obstacle before this!

All of us were surprised at this point that we entered into a real Martial Law Experience

Mud, barricade and splinters don't stop us!

Easiest task is to walk the plank (See our cheery faces!)
Tear gas and fire truck dispersal team ahead!  Haha my friend thought the tear gas was real so he spent a few seconds more exposing himself there and wondered why he didn't get teary!!!

Making our mark

My mark

The aftermath! Our muddy pants and shoes!
It's been a while since my last fun run but this is really one of a kind!