How to make money as an Instagram Manager

A thousand ways of making money through the social media exist. The sad reality is that many people find it difficult to achieve this goal. An effective way of generating income through this platform is by first having an established venture or business. This enables you to market and advertise whatever products or services you have. Marketing through the social media is indeed an incredible way of earning money. The social tools help brand the business and present it to the thousands if not millions of people that access the social sites.

It helps turn prospective customers to real and long term customers.
What if you do not have an established business, which is the way forward? The demand for services offered by social media providers continue to be on the rise. With this trend, social media becomes a lucrative platform of making mind-blowing income. A huge array of services are in demand by the ever growing number of clients.

One of the services you can offer and get paid for in the social media is consulting. Consultancy alone can earn you staggering amounts of money. We are talking roughly $500 per hour. However, solid education and a wide wealth of experience is paramount.

The other service you can provide to clients is social media management. The best attribute about this is that no experience or education is needed. As long as you have the ability to update your facebook status, post some tweets here and there, email etc you are good to go. You actually have what it takes to be a social media manager.

Social media managers can either be full time or freelancing, which is mostly part time. If the latter is true, that is your job is salaried and fixed, your main responsibility is to oversee the social media presence of a company. Freelancing on the other hand involves managing a company's presence in its entire platforms, for example Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, and YouTube etc. the good thing about this job is that you can do it from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and a computer. It is very much flexible.

The tasks of a social media manager ranges from simple planning to strategic management. Below is a breakdown of the specific tasks this manager handles:
·        Deleting spam
·        Managing Twitter inbox
·        Posting tweets
·        Replying
·        Building and interacting with audience Unfollowing and following people
·        Declining and accepting requests

With additional experience, you can have an array of value added add-ons that help you earn more money. Some of the value added add-ons being referred to here are thing such as viral content, consulting, running PPC campaigns and contests, long term strategic planning etc. All these can help you increase your revenues hugely.
If you ever doubted that the social media could be a money earner, then now you are informed. Your doubts should be casted into the thin air by now. This platform can transform one from pits to palace if the right techniques are applied. Make a wise choice today and try this clever money earning platform.

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