Certified Biodynamic Winery

When searching for wines, we should look for a Certified Biodynamic Winery.  Attaining the standard to be a Certified Biodynamic Winery is difficult.  Biodynamic is the highest level of organic farming.  If you think that its simply eliminating synthetic chemicals, you'd be surprised that its only the beginning.  

Benziger Family Winery's Illustration of their Biodynamic system
Biodynamic farming requires an eco-system in the farm land itself for its sustainability.  Instead of bagged fertilizers, they let animals roam free so they can keep the vineyard healthy and balanced.  

A Sonoma biodynamic wine for example is a product of all these tedious process.  By relying solely in nature's ability and capacity, you can only expect the best from it.  It's as true and as natural as you can expect.