Bourne Legacy Movie Review

Being a resident since birth in Manila, Philippines, we couldn't let the Bourne Legacy Movie pass.  This is a sequel to the Bourne Trilogy series but with a new main cast.  Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross takes the limelight as Jason Bourne previously played by Matt Damon was merely mentioned in the movie.

Was it as good as the rest?  Definitely.  Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz as Dr. Marta Shearing did a great job! Of course, you can't expect it to be the same as Matt Damon because he has his own way.   I will be watching movies from Jeremy Renner more in the future.

The action scenes especially the one in Manila is consistent with the style of the Bourne Trilogy. The effects and sounds were excellent.  The setting of Manila is so realistically reproduced.  It showed the characteristics of the Filipino.  Well, except for one part.   There's a scene where a Filipina accuses Dr. Marta Shearing of being a thief.  In realty, if a Filipino will find a foreigner stranger in their home, they will welcome them with excitement and hospitality.

The movie is more focused on the revealing more about the government program rather than the action.  There isn't much going on except for the short chase with a few gun shots.  The ending makes you want to watch the next movie.

Watch Bourne Legacy!